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by Marilyn B in Dallas, TX on Allure HBF

I love it, I love it!!!!! It's gotten easier to use and I know no one has even noticed that i'm using a filler!!! Always told how pretty my hair is! I'm African American and i wear my hair natural (short) spirals! Thanks for this product!!!

by Eliza R in New York, NY on Allure HBF

EIiza RAs I'm getting older I am finding that my hair is thinning on top. When my roots are showing through, my hair looks even worse. I have searched for a way to cover up the thin parts and even asked my stylist. I have tried all the hair thickening shampoos, conditioners and styling products, but nothing seems to really hide the problem. My stylist recommended this product to me. I've been using this product for the last 6 months and i am very, very happy with the results and love this all natural's easy and quick to put on. I finally have more confidence and feel so good. I love it when people keep telling me i'm looking a little younger.

by George B in Rochester, NY on Allure HBF

This product is fantastic! I've been using a competitors product for the last 3 years. Your product is so much better, It goes on so much better, looks and feels better and has no smell. All natural, hypoallergenic and affordable compared to the competition - huge plus!

by Rhonda M in Cincinnati, OH on Allure HBF

Janet RI have always had fine hair. I've been using Allure Hair Building Fibers for about 4 months now and I have to say, you can really see the difference it makes. I'm using the light brown which is a perfect match for my hair color. It  blends in perfectly. You can't see where it is, but you can see the difference it makes. 1 minute in the morning and a dash of the locking spray and I'm good for the entire day. It's great and works really well.

by Marilyn B in Dallas, TX on Allure HBF

I received my sample of Allure yesterday, used it for the first time this a.m. and I am very pleased with it so far! Easy application, no hairspray it still looks good (it's the end of the day)! So happy that its hypoallergenic!!! I am African American and it works well with my 4C hair!

by Drew - Professional hairstylist at Imago Beauty Group-Hoboken, NJ on Allure HBF

Such an awesome product.. I have very long hair and I'm thinning in the crown area.. Not only does Allure Hair Fibers make it look completely full, but it also adds such an amazing texture to my hair which allows volume to hold.. I literally use it every single day and it takes me about 20 extra seconds to my normal hair-routine.. I would recommend this to ANYONE who wants their hair to look fuller, style better, or even help with grey coverage.. Which, I think would be EVERYONE.. =)

by Selina M in Miami, FL on Allure HBF

Hello AllureHBF - I absolutely love the product! I have a small thinning spot on the top of my head that my husband pointed out. I wanted to see if this would really work as well as my friend has been raving about it. I work in banking so looking my best to my customer is important for me. I tried the product and wow! It sure did work!!  It not only covered my graying hair and my bald spot, but it provided volume to the back of my hair. I go to hot yoga after work and I noticed that it does not impact my hair or clothes at all. It is just like having my own natural hair. I absolutely recommend this product. I love it!!!

by Ms N.S. in Hoboken, NJ on Allure HBF

You have a customer for life! I couldn't believe how amazing this was until I tried it. I was just blown away by how great this product works and the fact that no one can tell you have it on. Like others, It's just become part of my daily makeup/hair routine. It takes me 20-30 seconds to apply the product. I do use a small dash of the hairspray to give it an all day hold. I love it! I highly recommend this product. Even my husband has begun using it on his thinning patch near the front of his hairline. I guess he was jealous seeing me look so good. 🙂

by Peter B in Las Vegas, NV on Allure HBF

This is a terrific product. It feels good to be able to be able to look and feel like I want to again. I work at the casino, so I want to look and feel good. Finally, I have something that works and is quick and easy. It took a couple of attempts to get it right, but now I'm really happy with the final result. You have a customer for life! Thank you.

by Margarita C in San Diego, CA on Allure HBF

My sample shipped the same day i ordered it. Great Service! I've been using a competitors product up to now and tried your dark brown hair fibers product yesterday and was very happy with the results. It worked extremely well. As you can see, I have a small problem with my part and am very pleased with the results. Like someone said in one of the earlier reviews, it's just become part of my morning hair routine too.

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