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The all natural, hypoallergenic hair building fibers conceal, blend and add volume to your hair in just seconds. In less than 30 seconds, Allure will be able to conceal thinning areas and create a perfectly natural looking head of hair.

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How To Apply Allure Hair Building Fibers

If Applying any hair gels, creams and other hair products, please apply those first and wait until the hair dries before applying Allure Hair Building Fibers. It is important that the area you are applying the product is dry.

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Step 1: Apply Allure HBF Hair Building Fibers over thinning areas

Remove the cap and position the bottle over your head, holding it at a 45-degree angle. Gently tap the fibers over your hair until the thinning areas are no longer visible and you are satisfied with the fullness and volume of your hair. Remember: DO work from the outside of the area first and move towards the center of the affected area. DO NOT start in the center and then move out. This will cause unevenness during the application.

Step 2: Pat the hair building fibers into your hair.

Gently pat the fibers into your hair to blend them into your natural hair. Doing this will make the Hair Building Fibers completely undetectable.

Step 3: Apply Hair Locking Spray

Spray just a little bit of Allure HBF Hair Locking Spray over the hair fibers for added hold and control. Hold spray about 6 inches from scalp when spraying.

Step 4: Remove Fibers

To remove the hair fibers from your hair, just wash your hair with any shampoo. It's as simple as that!

Important Things to Remember When Applying

Take your time applying the hair fibers.
DO NOT RUSH when applying the hair fibers. Apply the fibers SLOWLY and periodically keep patting the hair fibers into your existing hair to ensure the fibers are dispersed evenly over the affected area. Keep repeating this while applying until the desired coverage and volume is achieved. REMEMBER – always work from the outside of the affected area towards the center for an even look and feel.

To avoid a powdery look after applying Allure HBF hair fibers apply the fibers SLOWLY.
DO NOT apply too much at once. Short taps of the fibers of the affected area while periodically patting the fibers into your hair will help avoid any dusty or powdery look.

If your hair is too short or too thin apply less product, not more.
Your hair ideally should be at least a half an inch long. If your hair is less than a half an inch in length, then apply less product, slowly and evenly. The key is less, not more.

Do not roll the fibers onto the scalp.
The professionals applying the hair fibers have a great deal of experience. DO NOT copy their technique. They do not actually roll on the scalp. They are actually touching and tapping the bottle directly onto the existing hair fast but gently. Time and practice will allow you to better your application technique. As a new user, please follow the instruction on the website or on the box.

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