Here’s how the right products can help hide your thinning hair

Feb 20, 2018

While thinning hair might make you less than thrilled when it comes to your overall hair care routine, there are things you can do to help boost your thin hair and give this a fuller look.

Just a few extra minutes and the right products can go a long way to change the look of your hair. Here are 5 styling tips to add to your morning routine that will boost thinning hair with more volume.

1. Volumize with a good mousse

While you might think bringing less attention to thinning hair is a good idea, keeping longer hair flat against your head won’t do your hair any favors. Getting a little bit of volume into your hair will lift it off of your scalp, letting the hair you do have look fuller and thicker. A great way to get more volume is to start with a mousse that can hold your hair into place, but won’t weigh this down. Hairsprays and gels can add too much weight or liquid to your hair. This can give you the opposite effect and make your hair actually look thinner. Start small when it comes to mousse and add a little more bit by bit so that you don’t overdo it.

2. Use thickening shampoo & conditioner

Your shampoo and conditioning routine can also add volume to your hair if can you find the right thickening products for your needs. If your hair is brittle, conditioning treatments might be in order, but some conditioners can actually be too heavy and weigh down thin hair. Heavy conditioners might seem like they will add thickness to your hair, but can actually make this look limp. A combination shampoo/conditioner or a lighter leave-in conditioner that won’t leave your hair greasy will help with volume. Glossy products can be added to dry hair, but don’t overdo it and start at the tips, not the roots, of your hair.


3. Opt for layered or wavy cuts

Often, getting your thin hair to look fuller starts with the right haircut. Be sure to talk with your stylist about what you are hoping for, and they can recommend cuts you hadn’t thought about. If you would like to keep your hair on the longer side, layers can bring out more texture and fullness. If you are opting for a shorter cut, keeping in some waves or having a wash-and-go style will keep your hair from falling flat on your head, which can accentuate thinning hair.

4. Stick with low-heat hair dryers and rollers

While you might think an instant fix for boosting your thin hair is to use high heat for styling, this will lead to further damage and more thinning over time. You can get the same volume with a lower heat setting on your hair dryer. If you can opt for alternative styling tools such as soft rollers, this will give your hair a boost without the heat of straighteners, curlers, or hair dryers as well. Try to get creative to style your hair without high heat when possible.

5. All natural fibers can enhance the look of each hair strand

While non-natural substances like keratin protein aren’t always good for your skin, hair building fibers aren’t always made of them. Allure Hair Building Fibers are an all natural alternative to those other harsh substances. It’s made from Gossypium Herbaceum and it can form a stronger bond with your hair than other fibers, making it a simple step to add to your routine.

Thinning hair isn’t something that you need to combat alone. With the right cuts and styles, you can keep your thinning hair looking great.

If you need more of a boost when it comes to thin or thinning hair, contact us for more hair solutions. You might have to try a few different looks and tried-and-true tips to get the hair that you want, but the effort will be worth it in the long run.

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