Hair Loss In Women | Allure HBF

Have you noticed more hair in the drain, your hair brush, or clinging to your clothes? The cause of female hair loss can be different for every woman, but there is a solution! Three very common reasons behind female hair loss are androgenetic alopecia (also known as...

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5 Tips For Dealing With Hair Loss

You might not think about your hair very much, but it's very much a piece of your identity. From its color and style, to the side you part it on, your hair is an integral part of you. Which is why losing your hair can feel like such a huge blow, not just to your ego,...

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Reasons for Hair Loss That We Don’t Think About

When people see that their hair is getting thinner or falling out they usually chalk it up to heredity or age. Male and female pattern baldness, which is hereditary, is the most common cause, but it isn't the only one. There are several other reasons for hair loss or...

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How to Prevent Heat Damage | Allure HBF

You’ve been told over and over what to avoid to keep your hair from damage, and keeping the heat down is always on the list. But what does heat treating really do to your hair? How can you get the style you want while avoiding the damage? Too Hot!  Heat from blow...

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